Michael Mischke-Reeds

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer of Millennial Capital. Michael is also a founding partner of Keelin Reeds Partners, LLC, where he has led a broad range of decision analysis and strategy projects for over 50 emerging companies, including asset valuation and product development strategy, partnership strategy, deal term negotiations and portfolio management. For Millennial Capital, he oversees accounting, taxes, and portfolio management; leads selected analyses of investment decisions; and supports investor reporting.


Michael is Chief Executive Officer of Turning Point Asset Management, a $30 million investment fund comprised of residential mortgages. Previously, Michael co-founded and managed three venture-backed startup companies: Common Ground Software, Chiron Informatics, and Fast Track Systems. Earlier, while at SDG, Michael led strategy and portfolio management projects for Global 1000 companies. Michael is Chairman of the Board of Dharma Ocean, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mindfulness and meditation.


Michael received his BA in Philosophy from Stanford University, where he was a pre-med student and completed the entire graduate curriculum in Decision Sciences. Michael also holds an MA in Psychology from Naropa University.