Ryan Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan oversees Millennial operations, including obtaining financing for all properties in Millennial’s portfolio. Ryan is also the Chief Executive Officer of Cirios Real Estate.


Ryan co-founded Cirios with Andrew Jeffery and Austin Nelson in 2008. He has headed up sales and operations for the company since its inception. Under his watch, Cirios has consulted for some of the country's largest private equity firms, profitably managed assets for several private investment groups and brokered the sale of over $35 million of distressed real estate. In January 2012 Ryan was named CEO of Cirios Real Estate and played a key role in the formation of Millennial Capital.


Ryan worked with Andrew at The Winter Group, a diversified mortgage investment company, from 2005-2007. He oversaw funding and risk management for a $500 million lending platform. He later moved to the trading desk where he became Director of Property Valuation for the firm’s $13 billion portfolio. In this position, Ryan worked directly with mortgage traders to sell pools of mortgages to investment banks and private equity firms.


Previous to his work at The Winter Group, Ryan oversaw the records department at the law firm Sideman and Bancroft in San Francisco. He graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University in 2001. When not managing real estate investments, Ryan can be found chasing down his two-year old daughter, Erin.