Tom Keelin

Chairman of the Board

Over a 35 year career, Tom has specialized in advising and managing investments and in adding significant value to investment decision-making. For Millennial Capital, Tom leads the investment analytics in support of acquisition, capital improvement, and disposition decision-making; and oversees investor relations, communications, and reporting.

Tom has led strategic advisory assignments with more than 80 companies from Fortune 500 firms to venture-backed startup companies. He is also a Managing Director of Turning Point Asset Management, a $30 million investment fund comprised of residential mortgages. Tom also has a long family real estate background.

Tom is a founding partner of Keelin Reeds Partners, LLC where he has supervised portfolio management, asset strategy and valuation, and deal term assessment and negotiation projects for more than 30 emerging companies since 2003. Previously, Tom served as Director of the Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), a business investment strategic advisory firm, from 1985 through 1999; Worldwide Managing Director from 1996 through 1999; and, at various times, head of its strategy, energy, and life sciences practice areas. He is a founder and board member of the nonprofit Decision Education Foundation, which helps teens learn good decision-making as a life skill.

Tom holds three degrees from Stanford University: B.A. in economics and M.S. and PhD in Engineering Economic Systems.